Episode 12

Published on:

2nd Sep 2020

012 Digital Marketing Specialist David Somerfleck Gives Advice in the Age of Covid

David Somerfleck is an enterprise digital marketing executive and startup consultant with over 20 years' experience working for marketing agencies across North America and 10 years' experience as a nonprofit small business mentor. David has written for Fox Reality, spoken at Microsoft, advised six political campaigns in addition to hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs of every type. David is also the author of "The Road to Digital Marketing Profits" and the upcoming “Bloom & Grow.”

You can reach David at https://dms.blue

Here are the sites that David mentions:

TheGreatCoursesPlus.com          https://www.thegreatcoursesplus.com/

The course that David mentions is ‘The Misinformation Threat’ – under Lectures

News.Google.com                          https://news.google.com/topstories?hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US:en

Images.google.com                        https://images.google.com/?gws_rd=ssl

Shopping.google.com                    https://shopping.google.com/u/0/

Instacart                                            https://www.instacart.com/

Postmates                                       https://postmates.com/

Ubereats                                           https://www.ubereats.com/

Google wallet                                   https://pay.google.com/about/

Paypal                                              https://www.paypal.com/

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