Episode 11

Published on:

29th Jul 2020

011 Cesar R. Espino - His story begins with him working at the age of four

Cesar takes on a trip that begins in Mexico City when he started working at the age of four. – and that’s only the beginning.

Cesar R. Espino was born in Mexico City to a poor family with just his mom and his grandma there in the beginning. He lived in a small shack with dirt floors, no dad, in a society of poverty, where having a life of no hope seemed to be the norm. Cesar is a multiple book author, real estate investor and mentor, business consultant and coach, and NLP practitioner. His highest intention is to reach as many people as possible and assist them through all the different things Cesar has to offer. The major focuses for him are personal development, building relationships, helping others, and growing numerous businesses.


Find out more about Cesar: www.CesarRespino.com/services.

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