Episode 6

Published on:

21st Jan 2020

006 Roman Prokopchuk on Dealing with Life Events

Roman Prokopchuk shares how he gets through a tsunami of tough events in his life. He starts with acknowledging his feelings, and doesn’t let them stay bottled up and become toxic.

Roman is a first generation immigrant from Ukraine who came to the United States in 1990 with 6 other family members to a 2 bedroom apartment with nothing, got into digital marketing as a result of the 2008 recession coming out of an internship with the Secret Service, digital marketing agency founder in 2012 of Nova Zora Digital, podcast host that's gotten into the top 100 on Apple this year, and foster parent (fostered 14 kids with his wife in their home since June 1, 2018. He went through 5 miscarriages with his wife in the last 3 years, saying goodbye to foster kids they had for a year that we were going to adopt. His grandfather passed away this year, his mother-in-law almost died of a heart issue, and his dog got cancer 3 months ago. Things keep stacking against him, but he manages to push through.

Roman’s podcast is called ‘The Digital Savage Experience.’ You can find it everywhere podcasts live: iTunes, Stitcher, etc.

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