Episode 2

Published on:

21st Jan 2020

002 Jean Tien on the Role Authenticity Plays in Success

Jean Tien shares how copying successful people worked against her, and how the decision to step into her authentic self – and succeeding or failing authentically – changed her life.

Jean is an intuitive mindset coach, specializing in working with ambitious, career driven women, who have already achieved a certain level of success and are now ready to achieve more in life, as well as find balance and fulfillment. She uses her intuitive abilities, as well as her own extensive corporate experience, to help women find their Zone of Genius, fully align with it so they can powerfully bring it into the world.  

For more information about Jean and her services, go to http://jeantien.com.

You can also join her FREE Facebook Group (Revolutionizing Corporate Women) at https://www.facebook.com/groups/921167941558712/.

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